Getting Help With My Feet

After struggling for months to run without having pain, I realized that there might be something wrong with my feet. It just seemed like whenever I did any type of physical activity, I was burdened with stifling pain. It was annoying, but I knew that a podiatrist might be able to help. Sure enough, after meeting with a doctor, I learned more about what was causing the trouble. It turned out that I had pulled a tendon in my foot, which was causing all kinds of problems. This blog is all about getting your foot problems fixed once and for all.

What To Expect With Bunion Surgery


A bunion is a painful foot condition that occurs when the side of the foot rubs or is squished in shoes that aren't properly fitting. The side of the big toe forms a bony bump near the joint that can be very painful. The bunion is usually red on the outside of the foot and can cause your shoes to be even more ill-fitting. This condition can cause a deformity of the big toe and push it into the next toe. There are a few different treatment options, one of them being surgery. If you are headed in for surgery, you should know what to expect. Read on for information on what you can expect if you are considering bunion surgery.

Before Surgery

Before your surgery, you should be prepared for when you come home. You aren't going to be able to walk without a cast for a few weeks, so make any preparations around your home as needed. If you have an upstairs bedroom, you may want to consider sleeping on your main floor to prevent you from having to climb the stairs with the cast. Also be sure you have everything you need at home and get your grocery shopping done for the future weeks. You are also going to want to do any tidying of your home, as you aren't going to be up for cleaning while in a cast. Make sure you have someone to help you throughout your recovery and immediately after your surgery.


The surgery itself doesn't take too long. The joint is ground down to remove the bunion, then you are stitched up and given a cast afterward to help with healing. Your podiatrist may have you go to physical therapy after the surgery, depending on the severity of the bunion removal. You aren't going to be up for driving home after the surgery, so it's important to have someone to help drive you home.

After Surgery

After the surgery, you are going to need time to heal and recuperate. Be sure to wear the cast given to you as long as required according to your podiatrist's instructions. Stay off of your foot until your podiatrist tells you that you can begin walking on it. Once you can walk and can wear shoes, be sure to wear properly fitting shoes that cover and protect the foot entirely. Skip high heels, flip-flops, and shoes that are ill-fitting to prevent getting a bunion again

If you have a bunion and are considering surgery, talk to your podiatrist about what else you can expect. Prevent a bunion by wearing shoes that fit your feet properly. If you're looking for more information on cosmetic toe surgery, check out specialists in your area. 


2 September 2019