Getting Help With My Feet

After struggling for months to run without having pain, I realized that there might be something wrong with my feet. It just seemed like whenever I did any type of physical activity, I was burdened with stifling pain. It was annoying, but I knew that a podiatrist might be able to help. Sure enough, after meeting with a doctor, I learned more about what was causing the trouble. It turned out that I had pulled a tendon in my foot, which was causing all kinds of problems. This blog is all about getting your foot problems fixed once and for all.

Five Reasons Why You Should Get Custom Made Orthotics For Your Feet


You don't have to be suffering from a chronic medical condition to benefit from orthotics. Just about everyone can benefit from having custom orthotics placed in their footwear on a daily basis. 

The following are five of the biggest reasons why using custom orthotics is beneficial for podiatry patients:

Orthotics can prevent you from getting tired during your busy workday

If you start to feel sore in your feet or anywhere on your body as the workday progresses, custom orthotics may provide you with relief all day and even increase your productivity.

Anyone who feels that their work performance is negatively impacted by fatigue can benefit from orthotics. Orthotics can alleviate the symptoms of many different conditions that are aggravated by constant movement and activity during the workday.

Orthotics can relieve and prevent a lot of different kinds of chronic pain

Orthotics don't just relieve pain and discomfort caused by conditions of the feet and legs. Orthotics can help with conditions affecting areas higher up on the body including the hips, back, and even neck. 

Arch issues that orthotics help to correct can have far reaching consequences all over the body. Orthotics work to evenly distribute the user's weight over the entire weight bearing surface of the foot. This provides more uniform support to the entire body and reduces plantar pressure. 

Orthotics can maximize the lifespan of footwear

Orthotics don't just work to minimize the stress placed on the body. They also minimize the stress put on the user's footwear. 

Worn out footwear can aggravate problems of the feet that can cause pain and discomfort all over the body. Orthotics maximize the lifespan of footwear while also making footwear more effective at providing support throughout its lifespan. 

Orthotics can make the wearer more stable when walking and prevent falls

Orthotics are especially helpful for older patients who are struggling with mobility issues because they offer greater stability. This can prevent older patients from suffering from falls that can have drastic health consequences. 

Orthotics help athletes to perform better

Patients who are competitive in athletic events should definitely consider orthotics.

Competitive athletes put a great deal of stress on their feet and on the rest of their bodies on a daily basis during training. Orthotics can help athletes to avoid injury while competing. They can also assist athletes with their performance and help athletes to achieve better results and a competitive edge. 

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26 July 2017