Getting Help With My Feet

After struggling for months to run without having pain, I realized that there might be something wrong with my feet. It just seemed like whenever I did any type of physical activity, I was burdened with stifling pain. It was annoying, but I knew that a podiatrist might be able to help. Sure enough, after meeting with a doctor, I learned more about what was causing the trouble. It turned out that I had pulled a tendon in my foot, which was causing all kinds of problems. This blog is all about getting your foot problems fixed once and for all.

Foot Care Tips For Your Child


You do what you can to protect your own feet and do what needs to be done in order to heal your feet, but how often do you look at your child's feet? Your child could have athlete's foot and other foot fungus, blisters, peeling feet or other issues. Read on for tips to care for your child's feet.

Be Sure Shoes Fit Properly

You know when your shoes don't fit just right, but your child may not understand this. They may be wearing shoes too tight for way too long before they actually say that their shoes don't fit - or it may take you asking for them to tell you. Check your child's toe in their shoe often to be sure they aren't too small. If the shoes look worn out in the soles, the insoles are probably worn as well. If your child is complaining about their legs or feet hurting, it may be time to update their footwear. Invest in a good pair of shoes for your child, cheaper shoes may not offer as much support for your active child's feet.

Keep Their Feet Clean And Dry

Your child isn't as concerned as you about where they are stepping in their bare feet. Be sure to keep your child's feet clean, paying attention to the in between the toe area, and making sure the feet are completely dry before putting socks on. If you are still helping your child in the bath, clean their feet thoroughly - if they are bathing themselves, make sure they understand the importance of cleaning their feet properly.

Use Sweat Wicking Socks

If your child has sweaty feet, look for socks that are more breathable and will wick sweat away from their feet. Allow them to be barefoot while they sleep and to take off their socks when indoors. This can help air out their feet and prevent smelly feet, while also preventing issues such as peeling feet from being too moist all of the time.

Use Foot Lotion

If your child's feet are too dry, use a foot lotion to give moisture to the feet and to smooth away the dry skin. You can use peppermint foot lotion, which will also help with foot smells, or use a thick lotion that contains oatmeal. Apply the lotion to the feet immediately after the bath and then put socks on your child to help hold the moisture in.

If you haven't looked at your child's feet in awhile, take a good look. If you notice an issue with your child's feet and it isn't getting better, take them to the podiatrist for treatment.


24 January 2019