Getting Help With My Feet

After struggling for months to run without having pain, I realized that there might be something wrong with my feet. It just seemed like whenever I did any type of physical activity, I was burdened with stifling pain. It was annoying, but I knew that a podiatrist might be able to help. Sure enough, after meeting with a doctor, I learned more about what was causing the trouble. It turned out that I had pulled a tendon in my foot, which was causing all kinds of problems. This blog is all about getting your foot problems fixed once and for all.

6 Common Myths About Taking Care Of Your Feet


Taking care of your feet is nothing new, but many old wives' tales and myths persist about foot care and podiatry. Foot health is an essential component to taking care of the rest of your body. Whether you are concerned about bunions for the first time or are simply going in for a checkup, it is important to understand the truth behind foot care. Your podiatrist will thank you for it.

Myth #1: Your foot will heal itself as long as you can walk on it.

Simply because you can walk on a foot or ankle does not mean it does not have a severe injury. In fact, your foot or ankle could still be broken if you are walking on it. Each person has a different threshold for pain, and some people might not even notice a break. Unfortunately, walking on an injury could lead to additional damage.

If you do suspect that your foot is broken or severely injured, stay off of it. Ice and elevate it to reduce the pain while you call your doctor.

Myth 2: You don't need to see a doctor about a broken toe.

While many people do not receive treatment for broken toes, it is actually important to seek medical treatment. Failure to treat these conditions could lead to early arthritis and even a permanent deformity of the toe. You might even begin to notice that the toe simply doesn't feel right inside your shoe anymore.

Myth #3: You should go barefoot whenever possible.

Actually, going barefoot has its downsides. For starters, walking outside barefoot leaves you more prone to bruises, cuts, and even infections. You may also be more likely to injure your nails.

Myth #4: It's healthiest to cut toenails straight across.

Cutting toenails straight across seems standard practice for many people, but it is not necessarily healthy for your feet. In fact, it may make you more susceptible to ingrown toenails. You should actually be cutting your nails so that they are rounded, much like the curve of your toe.

Myth #5: Nothing can be done about heel spurs.

Heel spurs are typically the result of stress on the muscles of the feet. This results in a bump on the heel, which is sometimes painless. With or without pain, you should bring up your heel spurs to a podiatrist. He or she may recommend some stretches, orthotics, or even an injection to help relieve the issue. In rare cases, people consider heel surgery to address pain issues.

Podiatrists can help you with some of your foot-related issues. Contact an office like Advanced Foot Clinic to ensure that you are taking care of your feet to the best of your ability.


24 October 2017