Heel Pain Treatments That Reduce Pain And Swelling So You Can Resume A Normal Life


Heel pain is one of the most annoying ailments you can have since the pain is aggravated with each step. The problem is so many things can cause heel pain that you may need help from a podiatrist to diagnose the cause and recommend the best treatment. Here are some heel pain treatments your doctor might recommend. Orthotic Inserts Orthotic inserts slip in your shoes and they provide padding or corrective treatment for a gait problem.

19 November 2021

5 Tips To Get Plantar Fasciitis Relief


Plantar fasciitis is a condition that causes inflammation in your plantar fascia. The condition can lead to severe pain in the bottom of your foot and is more common among obese people, factory workers, and individuals with flat feet. Without proper treatment, plantar fasciitis can make it difficult to perform everyday activities. Here are a few different ways to get plantar fasciitis relief. Perform Stretches If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, performing regular stretches may be helpful.

25 August 2021

When You Should See A Foot Specialist?


Foot specialists specialize in just matters of the feet. This means when you have foot issues, you're better off going to a foot doctor, as opposed to going to a family physician, for help with your issue. If you go to your family doctor, you may have a longer period of time to figure out what exactly is wrong with your feet, and may ultimately be sent to a podiatrist anyway.

29 January 2021