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How To Treat A Displaced Ankle Fracture In Diabetic Patients


A routine ankle fracture in a diabetic patient can result in losing a limb. When you are a diabetic, this injury put you at risks for complications.  These complications include infection, fracture displacement, neuropathic arthropathy, and your wound takes longer to heal.

Diabetes affects your entire body because blood flows to every part of your body. In 2012, around 29.1 million Americans had diabetes. Read on to find out how to treat a diabetic patient for a displaced ankle fracture.

Stabilize The Ankle

Many diabetics are concerned about going through surgery. They understand that they can have complications and takes longer for their wound to heal. When you have a displaced fracture, your doctor has to stabilize your ankle and decide on ankle injury treatment. An ankle fracture occurs when the bone becomes displaced on the inside or outside of your ankle. The bone can also be broke in both places. At this point, surgery is recommended to stabilize your bone.

Wait For Swelling To Go Down

You want the best outcome with surgery. Your surgeon may consider delaying the procedure until swelling goes down. If your surgeon chooses to wait, then he or she should do a closed reduction and splinter your ankle. A closed reduction is when the bone is set without surgery. It allows the bone to grow back together and should be done as soon as possible.

The Type Of Surgery

The type of surgery depends on the type of fracture. Bimalleolar fracture is a surgical procedure that fix both a fractured lateral malleolus and a medial malleolus. It involves during two procedures through two different incisions. However, they are done at the same time under anesthesia.

Your surgeon want to reduce the fractures and put the bone back in its normal position before it was fracture. This procedure also makes sure the ankle joint is anatomically positioned.

It is important to perform diabetic foot care on a regular basic. Diabetics tend to have problems with circulatory changes and nerve problems in their legs and feet. You should also check your toes to prevent from needing ingrown toenail treatment. These are common condition, but the severity gets elevated when you are a diabetic.

If you have a displaced ankle, then it is going to affect your ability to walk and you going to need treatment. The worst-case scenario is losing your leg. You should see your doctor immediately to explore treatment options.


15 March 2017